Fortune Mouse – Play for Free

When the cat’s away, the Fortune Mouse will play!

Ancient Chinese legends say those charming little mice bring luck and prosperity into your home. Welcome PG Soft’s Fortune Mouse to your life and reap rewards up to 1,000x the amount at an RTP of 96.96% when you spin the reels!

Who knew small critters can bring good luck to the 3×3 reels and 5 paylines of Fortune Mouse? Befriend the mouse and win hefty prizes just by spinning the reels. If you are truly lucky, you can even land Wilds and trigger the Free Spins Feature to maximise your rewards.

You don’t have to move from South Africa to China just so you can play because this entertaining game is easily accessible at Spin247 through your device such as your desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

Fortune Mouse Details

SoftwarePG Soft
Minimum amount0.25 credits
Maximum amount250 credits
Jackpot1,000x the initial amount

Fortune Mouse: The luck of the first zodiac

Thousands of years ago, the Fortune Mouse joined a competition and won the coveted title of the Zodiac Race. This made the critter famous for its luck that you can use while spinning the 3 reels and 5 paylines of PG Soft’s Fortune Mouse. 

Before you play, pledge an offer to the great mouse between the minimum amount of 0.25 credits up to the maximum of 250 credits. It is said that the lucky mouse will bestow blessings on players that are generous with their offers.

Once you’re set, spin the reels and land winning combinations to have a chance of winning the jackpot up to 1,000x the rewards!


Low paying symbols

The lucky mouse knows how to party with peanuts, fresh tangerine and red firecrackers that serves as the low paying symbols on the reels. Have a taste of victory by landing 3 of these symbols to reap their corresponding rewards at the maximum credit:

SymbolSet of 3
Peanuts3x the amount
Fresh Tangerine5x the amount
Red Firecrackers15x the amount

High paying symbols

Harness immense luck on the reels when you spot high paying symbols in the form of lucky coin purses, lucky money pouches, and Chinese mouse disks. Great wealth will come your way when you land 3 of these symbols below with their corresponding rewards at the maximum credit:

SymbolSet of 3
Lucky Coin Purse30x the amount
Lucky Money Pouch 50x the amount
Chinese Mouse Disc100x the amount

Special features

Wild Symbol

You best believe that mice can creep quietly without you noticing so be on the lookout for the Fortune Mouse himself. He appears on the reels as the Wild Symbol of the game. Land 3 of this symbol to reap 300x the amount at the maximum credit.

Respin Feature

It’s a party when there are mice involved! Stack up on Wild Symbols on the middle reel to activate the Respin Feature. Once it’s triggered, reels 1 and 3 will continuously respin until a winning combination is formed, maximising your ways of winning big. 

Moreover, you can even reap 1,000x the rewards when you fill the whole grid with the Wild Symbol. Be the lucky winner who can score the rare jackpot and win it big at Fortune Mouse.

Fortune Mouse: Ancient Chinese luck right here in South Africa!

There’s nothing better than a classic slot game with a lucky twist! Be transported to the ancient land of China without having to leave your home. PG Soft’s Fortune Mouse reels are filled with colourful Chinese symbols that exude blessings and fortune with every spin.

Each symbol is highly detailed that springs to life whenever you hit paylines. A warm halo wraps itself around the symbols with the corresponding rewards flashing on the small red plank below the reels. 

The Fortune Mouse himself will even accompany you as you spin the reels and land winning combinations. His adorable little hands are holding a lucky Chinese charm that can help bring immense luck to your game.

Additionally, its relaxing Chinese-themed soundtrack and accompanying sound design creates an overall immersive experience. You can enjoy spinning the reels over and over without feeling overwhelmed. 

Fortune Mouse: Luck can lift you from rags to riches

Have all the luck in the world playing PG Soft’s Fortune Mouse and win up to 1,000x the amount! Don’t let this charming opportunity pass you by and let the lucky little mouse boost your winnings to astronomical heights.