Howling Wolves – Play for Free

Lead the pack to great fortunes at Howling Wolves! 

Deep in the woods, two wolves guard the forest and its treasures, waiting for the lucky one to claim the riches. Chosen one, are you ready to be led by the two guardian wolves for a chance to discover treasures worth up to 5,000x your amount?  

Your adventure will begin once you put forward a minimum amount of 0.25 credits up to a maximum amount of 500 credits. The woods aren’t as kind as everyone thinks. Pack your essentials and let an RTP of 95.49% protect you from the harshness of nature. Spin the reels and Win A Beest now in Howling Wolves!

Siberian Wolf Details 

SoftwareBooming Games 
Paylines25 paylines
Minimum Amount0.25 credits
Maximum Amount500 credits 
Jackpot5,000x your amount 

Howling Wolves: Howl to the moon for good luck! 

Travel across the mountains while being guarded by the mighty forest wolves and spin the 5 reels of Howling Wolves. Land a winning combination in the 25 paylines of this game to take a step closer to the jackpot!  


Low paying symbols

Find the water jug, hunting drum, double axe and headgear on the reels as the low paying symbols of the game and land them on a winning combination to receive the following payouts based on the maximum amount: 

SymbolsSet of 3Set of 4Set of 5
Headgear100 credits500 credits1,000 credits
Double axe100 credits500 credits1,000 credits
Hunting drum100 credits500 credits1,000 credits
Water jug200 credits1,000 credits2,000 credits

High paying symbols

Your newfound friends the white wolf, black wolf and Alpha wolf that act as the high paying symbols of Howling Wolves are here to help you win massive prizes by landing on winning combinations. Reap the rewards below for each symbol at the maximum amount:

SymbolsSet of 3Set of 4Set of 5
White wolf 300 credits2,000 credits600 credits
Black wolf500 credits3,000 credits5,000 credits
Alpha wolf600 credits5,000 credits 10,000 credits 

Special Features

Scatter Symbol 

Howl at the amount of your wins and receive prizes of your dreams when you land a Scatter symbol on your reels. The Scatter symbol appears to be a dreamcatcher with bright colours. Landing 3 of this symbol on reels 3, 4 or 5 will reward you with 10 Free Spins for more chances of winning the jackpot. 

Wild Symbol

Illustrated as the full moon, the Wild symbol substitutes all other symbols except the Scatter. Up to 15 Wild symbols can appear on the reels to bring you prizes that will make you jump over the moon. You can reap Wild symbol rewards below at the maximum amount:

  • Set of 3 Wild symbols rewards 600 credits 
  • Set of 4 Wild symbols rewards 5,000 credit
  • Set of 5 Wild symbols rewards 10,000 credits

Alpha Wolf Spin

The Alpha Wolf Spin can be randomly triggered in the game. Once activated, it maximizes your prizes by converting all major symbols into the highest paying major symbol after the reels stop spinning. 

Wolf Pack Multipliers

Wolves are stronger together! Wolf Pack Multipliers allows you to multiply your wins by 2x, 3x, 4x or even 5x depending on how many Wolf symbols land on your reels. If 5 Wolf symbols land on your reel you will get 5x your wins!  

Howling Wolves: Keep the wolf from the door with big wins!

Lead the pack to the sacred treasure and earn their trust as you spin the reels of Howling Wolves! This magnificent game by Booming Games highlights the beauty of nature with the reels outlined with fresh, cut woods. The background is even more mesmerizing with the view of the forest bathing in the light of the pale moon. The moon and the fireflies illuminate the ravine with a mystic glow. 

The graphics of this game is impeccable with how realistically it animated the wolves. To set the mood, a beautiful soundtrack mimicking the sound of the forest and birds also play in the background.

Howling Wolves: Jump over the moon with payouts! 

It’s Wild O’ Clock! Time to spin the reels and howl with joy when you hit the jackpot prize at Howling Wolves. Spin the reels of the wildest South African online game right now and enjoy winning prizes, Free Spins and Bonuses!