Treasure Mine – Play for Free

Treasure Mine: Dig deep in the underground for jewels!

Are you up for an underground adventure with Redbeard, the greatest miner in the world? Now’s your chance to join his crew at Red Tiger’s Treasure Mine! These riches are over 1,000x the rewards waiting deep within the South African grounds and you can have it all in this entertaining game.

Ready your gear and pack your bags because the pulley is about to descend the underground tracks. Tons of treasures and bonus features are waiting for you in Treasure Mine with an RTP of 95.2% What are you waiting for? Grab your sledgehammer and join Redbeard’s crew!

Treasure Mine Details

SoftwareRed Tiger
Minimum amount$0.10
Maximum amount$500
Jackpot1,000x the initial amount

Treasure Mine: Crack the stone for hoards of jewels and gold

There’s a lot to explore under the vast tunnels of South Africa. All of the jewels and gold are yours for the taking when you spin the 5×4 reels and 40 paylines of Treasure Mine. Before you start your journey, put forth a pledge between the minimum amount of $0.10 up to the maximum of $500 to show your loyalty to Redbeard and his crew.


Low paying symbols

Let the high card values of 10, Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K) and Ace (A) acting as low paying symbols show you the way to tons of riches. You’ll be rewarded with the following when you land 3 or more of these symbols at the maximum amount:

SymbolSet of 3Set of 4Set of 5
1012x the amount32x the amount80x the amount
J12x the amount36x the amount96x the amount
Q16x the amount40x the amount104x the amount
K16x the amount44x the amount112x the amount
A20x the amount48x the amount120x the amount

High paying symbols

It’s important to have s with you. You can find the right tool like gas lamps, binoculars, miner’s caps, and sledgehammers when you descend the South African tunnels. These symbols act as high paying symbols with the following rewards at the maximum amount:

SymbolSet of 3Set of 4Set of 5
Gas Lamp24x the amount60x the amount140x the amount
Binoculars28x the amount72x the amount180x the amount
Miner’s Cap32x the amount80x the amount200x the amount
Sledgehammer36x the amount92x the amount240x the amount

Special symbols

Wild Symbols

Look out for the golden Wild Symbol that can substitute for all paying symbols except the Bonus and Special Wilds. It can complete paylines and rewards you with the following:

  • 3 Wild Symbols reward 40x the initial amount
  • 4 Wild Symbols reward 100x the initial amount
  • 5 Wild Symbols reward 320x the initial amount.

Special features

Wild Combinations

There are Special Wilds featured in the game such as Redbeard Wild, Treasure Strike Wild and the Dragon Wild. You can maximise your chances of winning large prizes when you create the following combinations:

Wild CombinationResult
Dragon Wild + Treasure Strike WildThe Dragon Wild breathes fire at the treasure causing the Wilds to multiply up to 16x.
Redbeard Wild + Treasure Strike WildRedbeard leaps onto the reels and collects instant prizes.
Dragon Wild + Redbeard WildThe Dragon breathes fire on Redbeard and he flees the reels leaving a trail of Wilds.
Dragon Wild + Treasure Strike Wild + Redbeard WildThe Dragon breathes fire to both the treasures and Redbeard causing Wilds to multiply on the reels.

Treasure Run

Activated by the Bonus Trolley symbol, the reels are replaced by underground tracks and Redbeard rides the mine cart. He will collect all the gems in your path as you choose the direction the cart goes on the tracks. 

Treasure Mine: Join Redbeard and his crew!

An underground adventure filled with jewels and gold awaits when you join Redbeard. Aboard a minecart, you along with the team will descend to the deepest parts of South Africa to mine the treasures waiting for you there. 

Right at the middle of the tracks is a glowing slab of rock filled with detailed symbols of high ranking cards and mining equipment. Spin the reels and land winning combinations to find the right way towards the underground treasure. 

The underground treasure awaits at Treasure Mine

What better way to earn riches than to heed the call of Redbeard for a once-in-a-lifetime journey under the South African mines. You can win up to 1,000x the initial amount when you spin the reels of Treasure Mine!