Lucky Coins – Play for Free

Cash all your luck in Lucky Coins!

Visit the orient land and fill yourself with the knowledge of their beliefs in luck and fortune here at Lucky Coin! Let an RTP of 96.08% guide you in finding the glinting auspicious trinkets on the reels that would make you feel like you’ve hit the Treasure Mine. Continue spinning for a chance to win the Mega Jackpot worth 500,000 credits! 

Lucky Coins Details 

Minimum Amount0.25 credits
Maximum Amount500 credits
Jackpot500,000 credits

Lucky Coins: Lucky at cards, lucky in reels! 

Shower your every spin with good karma when you spin the 5 reels of GameArt’s Lucky Coins. Put forward an amount between a minimum amount of 0.25 credits up to a maximum amount of 500 credits to start playing!


Emerald Clubs, Amethyst Spades, Ruby Hearts and Sapphire Diamonds act as the low paying symbols of the game. Land winning combinations and score the following payouts at the maximum amount:

SymbolSet of 3Set of 4Set of 5
Club100 credits200 credits1,000 credits
Spade100 credits200 credits1,000 credits
Heart100 credits400 credits1,400 credits
Diamond200 credits500 credits2,000 credits

The three-legged toad, giant turtle, lucky cats and fu dogs that act as the high paying symbol will bring you good luck and the following payouts when you land winning combinations on the reels:

SymbolSet of 3Set of 4Set of 5
Toad200 credits800 credits4,000 credits
Turtle300 credits1,000 credits6,000 credits
Cat400 credits1,600 credits8,000 credits
Fu dog500 credits2,000 credits10,000 credits

Be the luckiest of them all and find the emerald dragon serving as the Wild symbol of the game. This symbol can substitute all paying symbols except the Scatter and Lucky Coins. 

Gold kois act as the Scatter of Lucky Coins and you can find them on reels 1,3 and 5. Land three of these symbols on the reels to win an instant payout worth 3x your amount and activate the Free Spins feature.


Free Spins 

Land 3 Scatter symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 to activate the Free Spins feature and win 6 Free Spins. During this feature, reels 2, 3, and 4 will merge together to become one gigantic symbol. When a giant Scatter symbol appears, you will receive 3 additional spins. There is no limit to how many times you can retrigger this feature. 

For this feature, a special paytable is in place. Check the payout values below:

SymbolSet of 4Set of 5
Club100 credits300 credits
Spade100 credits300 credits
Heart200 credits500 credits
Diamond200 credits500 credits
SymbolSet of 4Set of 5
Toad500 credits2,000 credits
Turtle500 credits2,000 credits
Cat600 credits3,000 credits
Lion1,000 credits3,000 credits

Lucky Coins Respin

Trigger the Lucky Coins Respin feature when you land 6 or more Lucky Coins symbols on the reels. Each coin will either display a designated value or a mini and major jackpot to indicate what you’ve won. 

Once you trigger this feature, all the normal symbols will be removed from the reel and only the Lucky Coins symbols will remain. You will initially receive 3 respins at the beginning. With every additional Lucky Coins symbol that lands on the reel, the respins will reset to 3. 

Fill all of the 15 positions on the reel to win the Mega Jackpot! The Lucky Coins Respin feature will end the moment you win The Mega Jackpot or spend all your respins. At the end of the feature, all the values on the Lucky Coins symbol will be added together to give you more payouts.

Lucky Coins: Have all the luck in the world! 

The reels of Lucky Coins are fully encompassed in beautiful shades of red and gold, two lucky colours in Asian belief. On top of the reels, you will see golden coins tied together and a giant golden dragon setting an extravagant atmosphere in the reels. Let the auspicious traditional Chinese music playing in the background serenade you into chasing your luck on the reels! 

Lucky Coins: Get your lucky break! 

Luck is in the air with GameArt’s Lucky Coins. Strike 777 and play the luckiest online game in South Africa right now and win fortunes beyond your wildest dreams. See where lady luck will take you as you spin the reels for the jackpot prize!